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After a lot of thinking, stressing and wondering, I recently decided that it was high time I gave my first two books—the first two books in the Bright & Crazy series—a makeover. It wasn’t an easy decision because I LOVE the original covers, designed for me by my amazing friend, Mila, but ultimately, I am THRILLED with the end result.

Here they are:


Whatcha think? *I* think Shannon at Shanoff Designs absolutely nailed it! Check out the FULL wraps:


To celebrate the new covers, and the fact that the Bright & Crazy series is available WIDE—as in, at all major e-retailers—for the very first time, I have put The Brightest Star and A Little Bit Crazy on sale for just #99c each. Including A Crazy Christmas, which is ALWAYS 99c, that means you can get all three books for under $3! BARGAIN!

Grab them here:

The Brightest Star: https://www.books2read.com/TheBrightestStar

A Little Bit Crazy: https://www.books2read.com/ALittleBitCrazy

A Crazy Christmas: https://www.books2read.com/ACrazyChristmas

If you haven’t already read these books, please, please give them a try. They were a joy to write and the feedback I’ve received has been overwhelmingly good (but then again, I avoid Goodreads like the plague, because reviewers there can be BRUTAL, LOL), and I’d love to see more people embracing Sebastian and Brighton, Declan and Jade!

The sale won’t last forever so one-click now before it’s too late and ENJOY!



Cover Reveal: A Crazy Christmas

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If they can make it through the holidays,
they can make it through ANYTHING.

A Crazy Christmas High Res

Title: A Crazy Christmas
Author: B. Cranford
Cover Design: Love Affair With Fiction
Tentative Release Date: December 20, 2017


The scariest thing about life is that it can change in an instant…

A broken promise.
A chance encounter.

A forgotten phone call.
A shot at forgiveness.

The hardest thing about love is letting got…

A crippling addiction.
A broken heart.

A costly mistake.
A lingering past.

The funniest thing is that no one knows which way is up…

With a break-up—or is it a proposal?—in the wings, a sick baby and stretch marks to worry about, a Christmas party that probably could have gone better, and the pressure to find that perfect gift, these four friends are just trying to make it through the holidays. Without losing their minds—or any other important body parts.

And that gives this Christmas the potential to be their craziest one yet…




Available Titles by B. Cranford


The Brightest Star

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Author Bio

Beth Cranford is a proud Australian living in the USA, a lover of books, breadsticks and bed, and the mother of two children who are far too similar to their father for her liking. A lifelong reader, she dove into the romance genre on the recommendation of her best friend and hasn’t looked back since. After three years as a blogger, she decided it was high time she finally finished one of the 12,002 books she’d started writing, and the end result was The Brightest Star.

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