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For Today | Release Date: October 29, 2018

ForToday-AmazonSeventeen Years Ago. The first time Aaron Andrews saw Simon Foster smile, he knew he was in trouble. He’d never seen anything–or anyone–like the man who’d stolen his favorite seat in his favorite coffee shop.

Six Weeks Ago. The late-night phone call that changed their lives forever was short. Four little words was all it took to set them on a different path–one that included new toys (not that kind), a dose of homophobia (been there), and an appreciation for spandex (though they always appreciated it . . .)

Today. That’s what Aaron and Simon are focused on as they try to plan the best birthday in the history of ever, all for the little boy who has quickly become their world. Even if that means dealing with too-tight costumes, a cape that won’t behave, a meddlesome family . .

. . . and a past that won’t stay there.

For Today is a standalone MM romance that follows one couple through seventeen years—from first kisses to final goodbyes, through good days and bad, and into their HEA.



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