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My saving grace. My last supper.
My perfect sinner.


Title: Loving a Sinner
Author: D.B. Webb
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: March 3, 2018


It should have been a terrible night. It should have left me gutted and alone. But instead I found him… or he found me, rather. What should have been the worst night of my life led me to a whirlwind love affair. But it was one that had a time limit. I knew it. He knew it. It was devastatingly beautiful.

I thought I’d left the man with amber eyes behind me. He was supposed to be a nice memory to keep for a rainy day. But here he is, handsome as ever, in my present. He’s bad news, but something keeps pulling me back to him like it had all those years ago.

My saving grace. My last supper. My perfect sinner.

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I was nervous, and I never got nervous. At least not when it came to girls. Especially not with girls who were heartbroken and on the rebound. They were the easy ones to get into bed, all vulnerable and shit. But she was different.

Ryan Patterson.

My best friend’s girl… except she wasn’t. Not now at least. He’d gone and screwed that up for himself by ditching her on her birthday. Honestly, if I had to guess, there was more to the story than Devlin was telling. I wanted to find out what Ryan supposedly “knew,” but Devlin had to save face. He wouldn’t ever own up to his indiscretions.

Devlin was the son of the wealthiest family on the East Coast. The Prince of Cali. And apparently asshole extraordinaire. He clearly didn’t get the memo that the role for asshole had been already taken by his best friend, who resided in New York.

I wasn’t being hard on myself either. I also wasn’t being self-deprecating. I was an ass. I knew it, and I didn’t care—not really. My dad was the king of jerkoffs, and I had learned from the best at a young age. I watched as he cheated his way to the top… of business and women. He hurt mom emotionally while he hurt me physically. Golden boy of the East Coast, abusive husband and father: Benjamin Bennett.

While good ol’ dad had set me up for failure in the relationship department, I still didn’t like when men treated women like trash. Okay, so I didn’t always treat them like princesses, but at least they knew that going into whatever it was we did. Usually they were one night hook ups that ended in me calling them a cab. But they always agreed. I was all about women being able to take a hold of their sexuality and use it in any way they wanted. If I could have meaningless sex, why couldn’t they?

But I wasn’t about to have sex with Ryan. No, I was on my way to a fancy restaurant to go on the first date I had been on in years. I should have felt nervous over what Devlin would do to me if he ever found out about this date, but of course I didn’t care.

I was too interested. Too mesmerized by Ryan and the way she didn’t give a shit about who I was. Too idiotic to think about the fact I was risking my future business with Devlin over a date.

But maybe she didn’t see this as a date? Maybe she saw it as a dinner her ex’s best friend that was forced upon her?

When I really got to thinking about it, the more I realized that this was not a date. Fuck that. I didn’t date. I messed around and never got into the emotional shit.

I didn’t have time for emotional shit. Especially complicated emotional shit. Because complicated was exactly what Ryan and I would be. No, I didn’t have time. I would give the poor girl her lunch, and bow out. She’d think I was a gentleman, and maybe it would ease the blow of their breakup or something. Things would end before they began—completely uncomplicated.

But I couldn’t help but to think… what a beautiful complication Ryan Patterson would be.

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A small town girl with big city dreams, author D.B. Webb has dreamed of being an author since she was old enough to read her first book. Inspired by the likes of Jane Austen, JK Rowling, Anne Rice, and more; her taste in books ranges from romance to horror. With Loving a Sinner under her belt, she has finally accomplished one of her dreams: being published. She has a husband who puts up with her crazy antics, and together they have a cat named Cat who keeps them entertained. You’ll find her sipping caramel macchiatos at her local coffee shop while reading the latest contemporary romance novel. She also has a blog, Minor Details, where you can find her thoughts and other writings.

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