Release Launch: Defining Us by Taylor Delong

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Title: Defining Us
Author: Taylor Delong
Release Date: September 26, 2017



I was never a girl who believed in love. And love at first sight? Surely that didn’t truly exist. So imagine my surprise when, after one kiss from Grayson Abbott, I asked him to marry me!

I was kidding of course, but there was something special about the guy that even I couldn’t deny.

Our connection was instant; he felt it, too. The only problem was he didn’t know the secret of my past that I buried years ago. The closer we became, the further down I buried that secret.

I know he deserves my truth, but when I finally come clean, will there still be an “us”?

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I should have anticipated the kiss. It’s not like I didn’t want him to kiss me. I so did, so many times before he actually made his move. But when he finally made his move, he caught me off guard. In the best possible way.

His lips crash to mine. He doesn’t even hesitate before his tongue finds its way into my mouth. I part my lips for it, almost as if I can’t wait for it to get into my mouth. He massages my tongue with his, but not in the way he started the kiss. It’s gentler this time, until I kick it up a notch.

Somehow my hands find his neck, and his find my backside, just above the waist, but soon his hands find their way up and he entwines his fingers in my hair. He tugs gently, all the while his tongue is inside my mouth.

He’s managed to turn us so that my back is now up against the pool table. I find myself being lifted off the ground, and he sits my ass on the table. He plants himself in between my thighs, like earlier in the night. He pauses the kiss, just enough time to turn his hat around on his head, but then his lips are back on mine. This time, he pulls my bottom lip into his mouth and tugs gently. A small moan escapes my lips, and his dark eyes go a little wilder. He drags his tongue along my lip in his mouth, and then his tongue is back into my mouth. I lick the underside of his tongue with mine as my lip slips out of his.

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Author Bio:

Taylor Delong has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember. It’s always been her dream to be a published author. She spends her days chasing after toddlers and her nights scribbling down stories and ideas the characters in her head dictate to her. She lives in CT with her two children.

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