Office Call – A Jade & Declan Short Story

Hi guys! A couple of months ago, I had the privilege of participating in KU Korner’s #BedtimeStoriesInTheCorner. I wrote three stories—one for each night—and this one made me change direction a little on Jade and Declan’s story… I wanted them to have this moment, and I wanted you to see how differently Freckles and Jackass saw each other—she thinks they’re enemies; he thinks they’re not.


Office Call

The sight of her pink hair was a trigger.

It was Pavlov, and fuck if Declan’s cock wasn’t Pavlov’s Dog.

One glimpse, and he was rock hard, desperate and pissed off, all at once.

“Jackass, what are you doing here?” Jade’s voice held contempt, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t disguise the desire that was an undercurrent in every conversation they had. “Sebastian’s not here.”

Declan looked around the waiting area of Figures Accounting, making sure they were alone before he spoke. “I came for you, Freckles.”

His candor must have surprised her, because instead of her typical retort, her mouth formed an ‘o’ shape, and yep, that did nothing for the raging erection currently making itself known in his pants.

“I’m sure you come for me every night, Jackass. In your dreams.” When she finally worked up a reply, it came out… lackluster. Though the words were right, her heart wasn’t in it. But, instead of bringing it to her attention, he instead leaned in a little closer to her, propping his elbows on the tall desk front.

“Usually more than once.”

“Typical man, getting yours before I get mine,” she snapped at him, color racing up her cheeks from beneath her black blouse, making him wonder exactly where her blush started.

He’d give anything to know.

“Hey, I’m not selfish—even in my dreams. I always make you come at least twice before I even think about it.”

“That must be how you know you’re dreaming then,” was her retort, the gleeful look in her eye telling him she was back in their little game, and enjoying their banter as much as he was. As much as he always did.

“How’s that?”

She scoffed. “Please, you think you can make me come more than once?”

She stood from her tall desk chair, and walked around her desk toward him. His eyes were drawn to her feet, wondering what color he’d catch on her today. Heels were her weakness, and she was always in one bright, playful color or another. Except the one night they’d tried a date and he’d…

Well, needless to say, she wasn’t wearing those plain pumps today. The sunny yellow was the exact opposite of her tight black skirt and silky-looking black blouse, and damn it, all Declan wanted was to strip her clothes off, leave the heels on, and prop her up on her desk so he could eat her out.

After all, it was his lunch break.

“I know I can. Gimme a chance, and I’ll prove it.” He stepped in closer to her, making sure to use his bigger body to his advantage.

He’d never use it against her, but if he could make her a little weak at the knees, then so be it.

Weak at the knees could become falling to her knees, and that could become something that even his vivid imagination couldn’t dream up.

Her lips. His cock. This office.


“I’ll pass, but thanks for the offer.” The smile she gave him was a little wobbly, like she was on the edge of giving in. “I have more important… things to do.”

It was the way she said ‘things’ that set his heart to racing.

“Things? What things?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

He moved in closer, turning her body without ever touching her, so her back was now to the front of her desk—its height meaning it supported her up to her mid-back—and set his grey eyes directly on her hazel ones. “Yes, I’d like to fucking know.”

Perhaps he should have hidden it, acted like he didn’t care, but if she was implying she had other people to do, like he suspected she was, then he wasn’t going to let it slide. Because, in his mind, she was his.

No one had ever had such an effect on him as Jade Miller had. From the moment he’d seen her, he’d been attracted to her, and with every barb, every name, every insult that slipped from her mouth, his attraction grew.

He knew it was odd, but he didn’t care. He wanted her.


She leaned in and lowered her voice, though there was still no one else in sight. “My vibrator does an excellent job of keeping me satisfied. And if that doesn’t work, I can call my old roommate from college. She doesn’t mind helping me out either.”

“Shit.” Declan couldn’t think of any other words, his mind trapped somewhere between the visual of her using her vibrator—in his mind it was as pink as her hair and… other parts—while he watched, and the image of her and a faceless girl fooling around while, you guessed it, he watched.

Damn it.

“So, you see, I don’t need you. Dream you or real you. Thanks for stopping by though; I’ll let Seb know you came.”

The emphasis she placed on the word ‘came’ was his undoing. Where she’d started to turn away he reached out and wrapped a hand around her bicep, exerting enough pressure to draw her back toward him, but making it possible for her to pull away if she really wanted to.

She didn’t want, it would seem.

Jade looked up at him, her mouth opening, undoubtedly to throw more sass his way, but he was done.

He leaned in and pressed his lips to her. He wasn’t gentle, demanding she met his tongue stroke for stroke, settling his hands on her hips and drawing her even closer.

Their mouths moved together. Bodies pressed against one another. His hands slid from her hips to her ass, and she responded by reaching down between them and cupping him.

He pulled back, staring down into hazy hazel eyes as lost as he was to the moment. “Yes?” He asked not because he wanted to stop, but because he was hoping she didn’t want to.

“Yes,” she whispered.

Jade had no idea how she’d ended up in the supply closet that was situated next to Sebastian Figures’—her boss—office with her panties around her ankles, her skirt hanging haphazardly from a shelf, her blouse shucked up around her breast. Only her bra remained where it should, though not for lack of trying on Declan’s part.

On second thought, she knew exactly how she’d ended up there.

Declan fucking Young­.

He was currently on his knees behind her, his face pressed to her center, licking her and making it very clear that he was enjoying every second of it.

She was trying to be quiet, though she knew that she and Declan were the only ones currently in the office—Sebastian and his father, her other boss out at a client meeting. Except, it was hard, so, so hard when Declan was finally using that smart mouth for something other than teasing her and calling her Freckles.

“Yes, fuck yes,” she called as he speared his tongue instead her, causing him to stop. “No, no, noooo, why the hell are you stopping?” She heard shuffling behind her, and knew he’d moved to standing. She spun around to face him. “I did not give you permission to stop, Jackass.”

He chuckled darkly. “Not stopping, Freckles. Just changing things up a little.”

Jade watched in awe as he stripped himself of his clothing, revealing a body that was—shit, was so perfect she feared she’d come just from looking at it. Awe turned to something more carnal when he held up a condom between two fingers and raised an eyebrow.

She nodded. Yes, we need protection, she told him with her eyes.

He made short work of ripping open the foil and rolling it down his length, taking a moment to fist himself at the base of his shaft, like he was trying to head off an orgasm.

“Yes?” He asked her for the second time, asking her again for confirmation that this was happening.

She couldn’t believe it was, but wasn’t about to stop it. “Yes.”

He lifted her into his arms effortlessly, and she swung her legs to dislodge the panties still holding her ankles in place. Once free of them, she wrapped her legs around his waist, dug her heels into his ass—he’d insisted she keep them on—and urged him forward.

He slid inside her, inch by inch until she could feel nothing but the pressure and the pleasure of his cock in her pussy, his hands braced under her ass, his waist clenched between her thighs, the slight fluttering of the silken material of her blouse as he rocked her body.

Licking her lips, rolling her hips and smiling at him, Jade leaned in to lay a kiss on Declan’s lips before making sure he knew the score. “Just because I’m letting you fuck me, Jackass, doesn’t mean I like you.”

He responded by punching his hips forward rapid fire, until Jade was nearly convulsing with the need to come.

Then, as pleasure balled up inside of her and exploded through her body with such force as she’d never felt before, he released one of his hands from under her ass and brought to her chin.

Gripping her tightly, he turned her head and whispered into her ear, the heat of his breath making her entire being shiver. “Just because you don’t like me, Freckles, doesn’t mean I don’t like you.”

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