Hi! Whether you meant to or not, you’ve landed on the website for romance author, B. Cranford. Hooray! Sit back, relax and explore the site—it should only take you about five minutes or so… unless you want to send feedback, in which case, maybe budget ten minutes.

Things you should know before you proceed:

  1. B. Cranford likes puns. The worse they are, the more she likes them.
  2. Born and raised in Australia, B. has a tendency to add a random ‘u’ here or there in her favourite words. You’ve been warned.
  3. The Brightest Star, B.’s debut novel was called “a brilliant debut” by her mum, which is praise indeed. Biased praise, but praise nonetheless. On the other hand, her husband called A Little Bit Crazy the best romance novel I’ve ever read“. Though, admittedly, he’s only ever read two. . .
  4. B. Cranford is typing this in the third person and thinks it’s weird. Do you think that’s weird? Yes? Glad we agree.
  5. THIS WEBSITE IS FOR THOSE 18 YEARS OR OLDER. Swearing, sex and silly business are on the agenda, so if that’s not your style, then skedaddle. Please and thank you.

Check out these teasers:

Not sure if my books are for you? Perhaps one of these pretties will change your mind. If not, well… *whistles* *walks away*

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